The XO2 Cleaning Guide for Fitness Centres, Gyms, Studios & Sporting Clubs

• 43 pages
• Interactive PDF
• A comprehensive cleaning and hygiene resource.

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✅ Get instant access to downloadable and printable single-sheet guides with detailed instructions for cleaning and disinfecting all the areas in your facility, including weights and cardio rooms, bathrooms, reception, hallways, treatment rooms, cafeterias, and more!

✅ Learn the 9 biggest cleaning and hygiene mistakes fitness centres make.

✅ Get tips for communicating with members, visitors, staff and your community about cleaning and hygiene.

✅ Email and social media templates you can easily personalise.

✅ FREE safety and hygiene wall charts you can print or download.

✅ See Australia's best cleaning bottle labels.

✅ 9 professional cleaning productivity tips you must know.

A clean and healthy facility = Happy members

XO2 helps make the places we workout, train, recover, play and compete in awesome!