How to use AI & ChatGPT in the cleaning industry in 2023

Learn 24 creative ways to use AI and ChatGPT in the Australian cleaning industry that you can action today.
16 January, 2023 by
How to use AI & ChatGPT in the cleaning industry in 2023

Reading time: 4-5 minutes (this article is written by a human being, not AI)

Do you feel like technology should have a bigger role in your cleaning operations in 2023? Now, believe it or not, artificial intelligence, or AI as it's more affectionately known, is well within your reach. And yes, this is for everyone, even the technologically challenged.

ChatGPT: An amazing free AI tool

One great example of AI helping in cleaning operations and management in Australia is ChatGPT. It's an AI language model created by OpenAI. It takes a couple of minutes to log on and start playing. Basically, you ask it anything and it answers. ChatGPT is a great way to start learning about what AI can do... you'll be shocked and amazed. We'll cover what you can do and how easy it is to use shortly. This type of AI tech is revolutionary and it can start helping you today. It may even be as big a change as the internet itself, so don't be left behind.

We're not talking about robots, OK?

Robots that clean can use AI but that's not what we're talking about here. This article is about non-robotic AI productivity tools that will make your cleaning operations or business more successful. I know change can be challenging but this is huge and if you'll just give this a go it may change everything for you.

Have no fear... AI is here

Before we go on, I just want to address the elephant in the room. Not many of us like change. Change can be hard. It requires us to think. But this AI change that is upon us is revolutionary and happening very quickly. The time and productivity gains are simply mind-blowing. I urge you to try an AI tool like ChatGPT for just 15 minutes before you decide if AI is or isn't for you. To make it even easier, we've added some example prompts in this article you can copy and paste into ChatGPT to see what it's capable of.

What is AI being used for in the cleaning industry?

AI is being used right now for scheduling, booking appointments, communicating with customers, robotic cleaning machines, and generating reports... it can even optimise cleaning routes and paths. 

But that's not what I want to cover here. Ai is being incorporated into plenty of systems and products that are worthwhile for many many organisations. That's all great but these things can take time to implement and are often expensive too. 

The big question we want to answer is...

"How can I start winning with AI today, in the next 10 minutes, at no cost?" 

Let's answer that now.

Before we start, understand AI tools have limitations

We're going to cover some cool ways you can specifically use ChatGPT in your cleaning business or facility cleaning department. Keep in mind that AI tools can occasionally generate information and content that is factually incorrect and biased. Now the disclaimer is out of the way it's time to have a closer look at what you can do.

24 ways to supercharge your cleaning operations with AI and ChatGPT

While AI tools are amazing, in most cases they will get you 99% there so you will need to proofread and edit certain material. AI also relies on the information you provide it, so try to be as specific as you can with what you want. 

Before you start implementing these ideas you will need to sign up for a free ChatGPT account. It takes 1 minute and it's super easy. Click here to go to the ChatGPT sign-up page.

It's time to supercharge the cleaning with AI! 

1. Articles

Example AI prompt: "Write a blog article about... 5 Amazing Cleaning Hacks That Make Your Life Easier. Give uncommon advice and expert tips."

2. Research

Example AI prompt: "Are probiotic cleaners going to revolutionise the Australian cleaning chemical industry?"

3. Letters

Example AI prompt: "Write a letter to the cleaning staff about arriving to work on time and being friendly to people who walk by. Make it fun."

4. Ask a question

Example AI prompt: "How do you tell the difference between soap scum stains and hard water staining on glass?"

5. Emails

Example AI prompt: "Write a sales email to the customers about ABC's new carpet cleaning service for homes and offices. Be to the point and add some humour."

6. Training materials and courses

Example AI prompt: "Write a training outline for a new cleaner with a disability at a school in Brisbane".

7. Safety risk assessment

Example AI prompt: "Write a safety risk assessment for cleaning a marble hotel foyer in Perth, Australia. The task will be done when guests are around. We'll be using a microfibre flat mop. The cleaning solution is not flammable so don't worry about fire extinguishers".

8. Grammar and spelling

Example AI prompt: "Proofread and edit the following...."

9. Social media replies

Example AI prompt: "Write a reply to this comment a customer put on Facebook... I love your window cleaning service. You leave my windows streak-free every time. Amazing. 5 stars!"

10. Business/Marketing Plan

Example AI prompt: "Write a business plan for a ladies-only cleaning service for homes in an exclusive suburb in Melbourne"

11. Video script

Example AI prompt: "Write a 1-minute video script on why customers should choose ABC's office cleaning service. Has to be simple, short and funny" Add more details if you like.

12. Procedures

Example AI prompt: "Write a procedure for hygienically cleaning a classroom outside school hours."

13. Jingle or song

Example AI prompt: "Write a short jingle for ABC's cleaning service. We clean homes, offices, carpets, windows and more on the Gold Coast"

14. Encouragement

Example AI prompt: "I'm feeling tired and worn out"

15. Language translation

Example AI prompt: "Translate the following text into Spanish... Please arrive at 8 am for your cleaning shift at the ABC office in Sydney"

16. Creative ideas

Example AI prompt: "Got any creative ideas for making cleaning fun for full-time staff in a casino facility maintenance department"

17. Explanations

Example AI prompt: "Why are XO2 cleaning products the best cleaning products in Australia?" (Cheeky plug)

You are probably getting the idea. There's not much AI can't do. Here are some more things you can do with AI (without examples)...

18. Do SEO Research

19. Make a website

20. Debug code

21. Summarise anything

22. Create resumes

23. Proposals

24. Headlines

and the list goes on and on and on!

Get the most out of AI and ChatGPT

The new skill of this decade will be the ability to make requests and prompts for AI. What I mean is the skill of using text or speech to give the AI a starting point and then enough clues for it to understand and deliver exactly what you want. 

When you get an answer that is not quite what you want, give the AI more information so it can improve and refine its answer. AI is smart so you can follow up your request with more information or prompts like, "more please", "make it more fun", "and then?", "continue..." etc.

Examples of some more advanced AI and ChatGPT prompts

• "You are an expert in cleaning. Write a cleaning schedule with procedures for an office. Include daily, weekly and monthly tasks."

• "Please always ask questions before you answer. Do this so you can better understand what is being asked. Is that OK?" Ask this before your request.

• "I want you to act as a marketing expert. Please create a campaign to promote cleaning services in Australia. Choose a target audience, develop key messages and slogans, select the best media channels for promotion, and decide on any additional activities needed to reach your goals. Start with this request... “I need help creating an advertising campaign for a new school cleaning service targeting private schools in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.”

• "Generate a modern list of the ten commandments for the cleaning industry in Australia in 2023, using Aussie slang!"

• "Generate a risk bowtie diagram for the risk event 'skills shortage' in the cleaning industry"

"I want you to act like Bluey from ABC Kids TV show in Australia. Please respond and answer like Bluey. Use the same tone, style and vocabulary that Bluey would use. Answer everything like Bluey would. Let's get started... “Hi Bluey, how are you? Can I help you clean your house?”


AI is a cleaning industry game-changer so don't be left in the dust (cleaning joke, lol), get on board. AI and ChatGPT can do lots of things but best of all it's like a team of virtual assistants, only better! It will save you time and money. It will help you do things you couldn't do before. 

Now it's time for you to give it a go. All the best.

P.S. If you were wondering, AI did not write this article. The writer was one of those old fashion human beings.

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