The Top 12 EOFY 'Tax-Time' Cleaning Products Added To XO2 Orders

21 May, 2023 by
The Top 12 EOFY 'Tax-Time' Cleaning Products Added To XO2 Orders
XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire

Hi there!

EOFY is almost here! That means tax time!

We should all pay our fair share but we needn't pay too much tax... right?!

Here's a shopping list of the top 12 XO2 cleaning products added to EOFY tax time orders. 

What do you need to stock up on? You can click on the links and start adding to your EOFY cart today.

1. Toilet paper. XO2's 3ply is our favourite. 

2. Laundry powder and fabric softener ✅

3. Automatic dishwashing powder 

4. Dispensers for hand soaphand towels and toilet paper (EOFY is dispenser upgrade time. Grab a starter kit and save) 

5. General purpose cleaners 

6. Automatic touchfree dispensers (EOFY is a great time to upgrade) 

7. Hand towels and kitchen towels 

8. Gloves 

9. Disinfectant wipes 

10. Microfibre cloths and microfibre mops (and refills)   

11. Garbage bags 

12. Guest amenities 

...and everything else you need too of course. If you're stocking up choose items that have a long shelf life like the one's on the list above.

Stocking up on the essentials also saves you time and reduces run outs. If you're doing a washroom upgrade and would like our help, please get in touch.

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