XO2's waste management and recycling product range include bins, kitchen tidy bags, garbage bags, wheelie bin liners, sanitary hygiene systems and odour control solutions. Make the temporary storage and final disposal of waste and rubbish in your business simpler, safer, faster and way less stinky.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Garbage bags come in a variety of sizes. Kitchen tidy bags are available in 18L, 27L and 36L sizes. Standard garbage bag sizes include 55L, 73L, 77L and 82L. Larger bin bags and bags for small wheelie bins come in 120L, 140L and 150L sizes. And 240L wheelie bins require a 240L garbage bag.

The most common size standard garbage bag is between 72L and 82L in size. However, the most common size garbage bag in your facility may be bigger or smaller than that size.

There are 2 types of environmentally-friendly garbage bags. 100% biodegradable garbage bags and bin liners will break down organically into a natural substance. These are best used for composting and similar environmental applications. The other type is recyclable and degradable garbage bags. These bags can be recycled and are not suitable for composting. Look for EPI environmentally friendly garbage bags like XO2's EPI kitchen tidy bags if you want a degradable and recyclable bag.

If a bin is emptied once a day, 7 days a week, you'll need 30 bags each month for each bin. And if you have 10 bins in that facility you'll need 300 bags per month. To work out how many bags you need each month, find out the number of times you empty each bin per month and multiply that number by the number of bins you service.

Yes, some garbage bags can be recycled. Recyclable and degradable garbage bags are available. Keep in mind recyclable bags are not suitable for composting. XO2's EPI environmentally friendly garbage bags are the perfect choice if you want a degradable and recyclable bag. It's also important to note that 100% biodegradable garbage bags are not suitable for recycling.

Clear and transparent garbage bags allow the contents of the bag to be seen. This is often helpful for security reasons. Black and coloured garbage bags provide privacy and keeps the rubbish out of sight. The bag colour does not indicate any specific type or quality of garbage bag.

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