XO2® Celebrates 50 Years!

After 50 years in business, the Blamire family reflects on the value of being a long-running, family-owned and operated Gold Coast business.
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XO2® Celebrates 50 Years!

Originally founded in 1968 and operated out of the family garage in Ashmore, Gordon Blamire and sons Chris and David have taken their small family business to customers all over Australia and are now celebrating 50 years in business on the Gold Coast.

Specialising in the supply of infection control products, hand hygiene, cleaning chemicals and washroom products for a range of hospitality, education and healthcare establishments, XO2 prides itself on creating healthy environments where people work, stay, learn and heal.

Now operating out of the XO2 headquarters in Burleigh Heads, the Blamire family have seen the Gold Coast change dramatically over their 50 years in business with their product offering adapting to the changing landscape and tourism and hospitality boom during that time.

After 50 years in business, the Blamire family reflects on the value of being a long-running, family-owned and operated Gold Coast business.

With previous experience in the industrial packaging industry, Patriarch, Gordon Blamire made it his mission to not only keep their business ethical and consumer-oriented but attain clients for the long term over the short. Through the Gold Coast’s boom in tourism, technology and international events, XO2 has been able to establish a dignified list of loyal clients who trust their expertise above all other competitors. Having now passed the business onto his two sons Chris and David, Gordon’s focus is now in the mentorship and guidance of the company’s staff, a role he believes to be key in ensuring that staff are happy and motivated to come to work every day. “Being a family business, it’s important that we create a family environment for all of our staff,” he enthuses.

CEO David Blamire notes that XO2 is worlds apart from other, more sales-driven businesses because “we actually want [our] clients to be sitting in on product development, board meetings and team meetings…because they can genuinely see the care we take, and what we’re interested in. We talk about what’s best for our customers, their facility and their services, not what’s best for us. That’s a sign of our ethics,” explains Blamire.

The recent winner of Australia’s Best Washroom Facility, XO2 has stood the test of time in creating and maintaining its three primary relationships: their team, their clients, and their supply partners. By utilising transparent business practices and keeping the focus on the ultimate satisfaction of the client and its users, XO2 has become one of the most successful and longest-running family businesses on the Gold Coast.

For more information about XO2 get in touch on 1300 123 499, or browse XO2’s range of cleaning chemicals and supplies online.

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