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XO2®'s high performance, long lasting air fresheners and deodorisers create fresher and more pleasant indoor spaces. Discover concentrated, automatic, aerosol and ready-to-use solutions for all your odour control challenges. XO2's air fresheners and deodorisers can be used in a bottle or bucket. They quickly remove odours in the air and on carpet, upholstery, curtains, bedding, floors, toilets, bathrooms and more. For an air freshener go for Linga Longa and if you want an air freshener that is also an anti-microbial odour eliminator choose Odour Kill. All of our air fresheners are dispatched same day and delivered Australia wide.

Both air fresheners and deodorisers are designed to replace what ever smell is present with a preferable fragrance. Air fresheners are formulated to be sprayed or misted into the air. Deodorisers do the same job on surfaces including floors, tiles and carpet. Air fresheners are a type of deodoriser but deodorisers are not always air fresheners. Some products are both an air freshener and deodoriser like XO2's Linga Longa. Air fresheners and deodorisers can remove bad odours but they are not classed as odour eliminators that destroy the root cause of an odour. Odour eliminators are also different in that they can be fragrance-free or have a fragrance.

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