Scourers & Sponges For Cleaning

XO2's range of professional scourers and sponges for commercial cleaning gets the job done fast and effectively. Choose from microfibre eraser sponges, scourer pads, scourers with handles, stainless steel scourers, combination scourer sponges, griddle and hotplate scourers, grill bricks, scourer handles and holders, non-scratch scourers, heavy duty aggressive scourers and more. All delivered fast Australia wide.

Some scourers come in a choice of colours and each colour represents how gentle or aggressive a scourer is. Here's the order from the gentlest to most aggressive scourer.... White (the gentlest, our recommendation on glass and sensitive surfaces)... then Red... then Blue... then Green (the famous green scourer, great for heavy cleaning and scrubbing)... then Brown and then Black (best known for stripping or extreme scrubbing). Regardless of what scourer you choose always test first on a surface to ensure suitability. Scourers are not suitable on some surfaces.

All Scourers & Sponges For Cleaning

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