A Case Study: XO2 & Halcyon Glades

XO2® was contacted by Halcyon to provide a more effective alternative to traditional cleaning products.
23 March, 2019 by
A Case Study: XO2 & Halcyon Glades

Halcyon Glades is a lifestyle community and retirement village designed and developed for over 50’s. Located in the heart of Moreton Bay, this idyllic community boasts a 5-star recreational precinct where residents can enjoy a range of physical and social activities. 

To assist both management and cleaning staff, XO2® was contacted by Halcyon to provide a more effective alternative to traditional cleaning products. They were also looking to reduce their expenditure for facility cleaning chemicals and equipment.

Our solution

To enhance resident experiences at Halcyon, XO2® introduced their team to a range of specialist products that would allow them to provide a more efficient deep clean.

Our team initially recommended Fast & Gentle for use in the facility’s kitchens and bathrooms. This antibacterial cream cleanser provides heavy-duty cleaning action on grease, oil, grime and stains. It also has a wonderful citrus scent that residents love. 

Odour Kill is one of our favourites and we recommend it to many of our clients. Particularly for residential and hospitality venues, Odour Kill is the easiest way to clean, treat and deodorise shared spaces and is 100% safe on all washable surfaces. It also comes in 4 delicious scents: Apple, Baby Powder, Lavender & Spice.

Dish Bright was recommended as a powerful and versatile dishwashing concentrate to help provide their residents with super clean kitchenware. This bad boy has fantastic emulsification and saponification properties to clean away any fats, oils and greases with ease.

Fantastic in combination with Dish Bright, Spotless offers a wonderfully spot- and streak-free clean for all automatic dishwashers. This premium rinse aid is super-fast drying and is great for use on all glassware, crockery and cutlery.

XO2® Outcomes

For over two years now, Halcyon have been relying on the expertise of our team to help deliver exceptional cleaning outcomes throughout their facilities. Each of the products we recommended to their team offer a heavy-duty clean and deep sanitisation with less product and less effort.  

“We have been using XO2® products now for over 2 years and I have to say we are extremely happy with them.

We find they last a lot longer than any other chemical, and we find the dilution rate of all XO2® chemicals is of a great ratio. They are not diluted too much that you end up needing more to get a job done.

We find we don’t have to order as often or top up as often because a small amount goes a long way and really gives a good result. Our home owners are happy with the quality of the chemicals as well and comment on them. They find they smell great too.”

Tracey Yeo, Community Manager.

The XO2® Difference

XO2® is on a mission to empower our clients with facility cleaning and washroom products that create inspiring and healthy places where people work, stay, learn and heal. Locally owned and operated on the Gold Coast, our professional team specialise in supplying infection control products, hand hygiene, cleaning chemicals and washroom products direct to business facilities throughout Australia. Through combining a scientific approach with a strong passion for what we do, XO2® are consistently promoting amazing user experiences and healthier facilities at a lower cost.

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