What's Been Happening at XO2®

Most people are afraid of change. Not XO2®...we love it, especially when it benefits our customers.
7 November, 2019 by
What's Been Happening at XO2®

At XO2® we are devoted to helping you clean better! One of the ways we achieve this is by improving our products. So I would love to share some of the things we have done over the past couple of weeks.

The XO2® signature laundry scent.

XO2's core range of laundry products now all have the new XO2 signature scent. This range includes SpectraCuddlesCozy & Mother’s Touch. We felt we needed to add some zing to these products and what better way than smell. A little about the scent: You just have to have a whiff of our signature laundry blend to see why everyone has fallen in love with it. We wanted to come up with a very special blend of essential oils to represent the love and care that goes into laundering and embed it into the textile. So when you put on clothes or dry off with a towel that was cleaned with our product, you would say WOW!

Mopping just got a whole lot easier.

Our latest edition to the product lineup is the XO2® Squirt Floor Mop, this new mop is so easy and convenient to use. You just add your water and chemical into the top, press the button and out it comes so you can apply your solution to the floor and mop simultaneously with no need to carry around buckets or have to squeeze the mop. We have also added this into a starter kit for you so you can get mopping straight away or if you already have the frame and cover from our XO2® Pro Microfibre mop range you can use that.

XO2® Safety Signs

Now, this may seem boring but in fact, we have made this very fun. Our new XO2® Safety Signs are designed to enhance workplace safety. We have 10 new safety signs that are special material that they make the restaurant menus out of so they can be sprayed and wiped and cop a spill here and there. We have made them into our XO2® Safety Sign Set so it's easier to add to your cart :)

Woah... it's grease lightning.

Coming soon is our brand new grease remover that is green, not in colour but in ingredients. We have formulated this new product so it is safe to use on anything and is friendly for you to use. There are no nasty solvent smells and no performance is harmed in the process. We have achieved the performance you demand but the product is not DG (Dangerous Goods) like all of its equivalents. This is a huge breakthrough for you and us because DG products are hard to ship, painfully slow in transit AND the freight companies smash us with crazy surcharges!

Drinks are on us.

At XO2® HQ we now have a fancy coffee machine & drink fridge in the showroom. So whenever you pop in to check out the cleaning products showroom or pick up your goods, feel free to grab a drink and relax on us xo

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