In Tank Emulsifiers For Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners use in-tank emulsifiers in their hot water extraction and truck mounted carpet cleaning machines to achieve cleaner carpets faster. You can use them in conjunction with the pre-spray method or alone. They are a huge time saver on difficult to clean carpets. At XO2 we have 2 different types of in-tank emulsifiers...

1. Neutralising Rinses (With Cleaning Boost) - This liquid concentrate is added to the solution tank of the extraction machine. XO2's Plush is a neutralising rinse (AKA acid rinse). It neutralises alkaline residues and breaks them down for easy rinsing (so carpets stay cleaner for longer), removes odours, boosts cleaning, leaves the fibres softer and helps the carpet dry faster. 

2. Heavy Duty In-Tank Emulsifiers (For Heavy Soil) - These products are designed to give you extra cleaning power on those heavily soiled carpet jobs like restaurants, rentals and heavy traffic lanes. XO2 has 2 heavy duty powders to choose from. There's Enzi Turbo Boost, an enzyme based detergent and the other is Power Boost which is citrus based. Both can also be used as a pre-spray and tile cleaning detergent too.

We also have a regular duty in-tank emulsifier called One Step Quick Dry. This product is designed for everyday light to medium soiled carpets and for jobs where time is of the essence. It's a great option if you don't have the time to pre-spray the carpet (like in back-to-back holiday accommodation cleans). Or you might also use it if a client or facility has had damage to their equipment or surfaces from overspray during a previous pre-spray treatment. 

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