7 Things That Make Microfibre A Super Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning may not be the most glamorous work, but it could be considered heroic. Good cleaning helps prevent the ill effects of disease-spreading germs. Let's look at what makes microfibre cloths so good for cleaning.
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7 Things That Make Microfibre A Super Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning may not be the most glamorous work, but it could be considered heroic. By properly cleaning, you help to prevent the ill effects of disease-spreading germs. One of the many ways germs can be passed is through the use of cleaning rags, sponges, mops, and towels. The materials used often quickly reach capacity and then do little more than spread dirt and germs around. Yuck! Everyone faces the challenge of controlling dirt and germs, and that includes finding great cleaning solutions. Microfibre cloth is a revolutionary product that could become your most important cleaning sidekick. The job of cleaning is made much easier while producing professional-level results, all because of this specially made cloth.

How long has microfibre been available for cleaning?

In Sweden in the early 1990s, microfibre was introduced and used in the cleaning industry. Microfibre cleaning products are superior because of the innovation and technological advancements that set them apart. Although other cleaning materials are sometimes cheaper, they are also often of a lower quality, which is why microfibre has been increasingly used in critical areas such as healthcare. Microfibre cleaning systems are now regularly used in many facilities in which performance, speed, and quality of cleaning are a priority. Many hospitals, aged care centres, schools, hotels, offices, and homes are now routinely cleaned with microfibre.

What makes microfibre a superior cleaning cloth?

There are numerous benefits to using microfibre when performing the important job of cleaning, here’s 7 of them:

1. It requires less effort to clean when using advanced microfibre cleaning materials.

2. The chemicals used for cleaning are sometimes unsafe and costly. When using microfibre, jobs can be done using less or no chemical products.

3. Microfibre is actually an ergonomic solution for cleaning and goes a long way to help reduce stress, fatigue, and injury.

4. Indoor environments are healthier when they are cleaner, and using microfibre means more dirt is removed and fewer germs are spread around.

5. Microfibre is highly absorbent, holding as much as seven times more moisture than other cleaning cloths.

6. When properly cared for and laundered, one microfibre cloth could be your reliable sidekick for hundreds of washes.

7. Typical mops and cleaning cloths aren’t as durable as microfibre. Businesses can save up to 60% of the lifetime cost of mopping and wiping tasks, using this innovative product.

What cleaning tools are available that incorporate microfibre?

Great news for housekeeping heroes everywhere. Every primary tool for cleaning is available with microfibre, including:

Microfibre hand cloths

Microfibre sponges

Microfibre floor mops

Disposable microfibre floor mop covers

Microfibre dust mops

• Microfibre dusters

• Microfibre towels

Microfibre machine bonnets

Cleaning may be an everyday activity, but there’s nothing “common” about doing an excellent job of it. Good health and the control of indoor pollution have a lot to do with defeating dirt, grime, and dust. Microfibre is an ideal sidekick for cleaning champions everywhere.

What do you find works best when cleaning? Is microfibre an important part of your cleaning process? Tell us what you think, we’d love to hear about what you’ve discovered.

If you have any questions or need any advice on microfibre cleaning products we are happy to help. Call XO2’s customer care team on 1300 123 499, or check out XO2's microfibre cleaning products online.

Happy cleaning!

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