8 Simple Ways To Test The Quality Of A Microfibre Mop Or Cloth Yourself

Sometimes it’s smart to buy knock-off products, but that’s not necessarily true when it comes to microfibre cleaning accessories like cloths and mops. But don't be fooled, expensive is not always good either. Take the test.
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8 Simple Ways To Test The Quality Of A Microfibre Mop Or Cloth Yourself

Sometimes it’s smart to buy knock-off products, but that’s not necessarily true when it comes to microfibre cleaning accessories like cloths and mops. To qualify as “microfibre,” a cloth or mop is typically always superior to traditional materials used for cleaning. There are, however, microfibre products that are low-end quality and others that are high-end quality. For many users, the differences in levels of quality are important. After all, who doesn’t want to get products that do what they promise, perform better and last longer?

8 simple ways to test the quality of a microfibre mop or cloth yourself

Like traditional cleaning cloths and mops, microfibre cleaning products can have different qualities, blends, weights and densities. Some are actually perfect for one type of job and not as ideal for others. But how do you know what you’re getting?

There are 8 tests that we do at XO2 that might also help you determine the quality of a microfibre product. Here they are:

1. Touch. 

One way to differentiate between microfibre cloths is to touch them. The cloths should feel soft. As the material passes across your skin, it should grab at it. Try this test in the palm of your hand two or three times. If there is no grabbing, it’s possible that the cloth actual is no improvement over regular wiping cloths.

2. Label. 

Check the label on the cloth because doing so could give you a quick answer to the type of microfibre it is. A tag may indicate that it is split or ultra microfibre. The cleaning performance is better, the higher the percentage of polyester contained in the cloth; check to see if there is an indication of the blend percentages.

3. Absorbency. 

A high-quality microfibre product will suck up liquid like a vacuum. Moisture quickly wicks and spread throughout the cloth. If, on the other hand, water is pushed away, it is a low-quality microfibre that may not be worth the cost.

4. Weight. 

Weigh microfibre cloths. The ones that weigh more are generally of higher quality. A good microfibre cloth should weight 250gsm, at least.

5. Stretch. 

If a microfibre material stretches too easily, it’s a low-quality cloth.

6. Sunlight. 

A simple test to perform is to hold a cloth up to the sunlight or to a strong light bulb. If a lot of light filters through the cloth, it is not a high quality split microfibre.

7. Price. 

Microfibre is usually like other products – you get what you pay for. A cheaper microfibre is usually of a lower quality, and expensive microfibre is typically worth the cost.

8. Does it work well?

The ultimate test is when you use it to clean with. Are you happy with the results and ease of use?

With these 8 tests you can buy your microfibre products with more confidence knowing you won’t be fooled. When you know what you’re looking at you can make better buying decisions and choose what’s best for you. You can also identify what the best value for money is, what is overpriced and what is fair.

When you get that dirt-grabbing microfibre floor mop or cloth with extreme magnetic qualities, you’ve got the real thing and that’s we want. What’s your experience with microfibre been like? Have you been disappointed with the performance of high priced or even super cheap microfibre cleaning products before? We’d love to hear from you about your experiences and thoughts on choosing great value microfibre.

And if you have any questions or would like more tips on how to select the best value and most effective microfibre cloths and mops for your facility please give the team at XO2 a call on 1300 123 499, or you can check out XO2's microfibre cleaning products online.

Have a great day!

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