How Microfibre Is A Healthier Way To Clean?

Cleaning is needed to have a healthy indoor environment, but many common cleaning methods are simply not very effective. Microfibre is a healthier cleaning system that solves many of the common problems you face.
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How Microfibre Is A Healthier Way To Clean?

Cleaning is needed to have a healthy indoor environment, but many common cleaning methods are simply not very effective. In addition to achieving poor results, typical cleaning tools tend to create stress on the person doing the work. Microfibre is a healthier cleaning system that provides solutions to these common problems and more.

Microfibre is an ergonomic solution

Perhaps a surprise benefit is that microfibre is a product that is healthier to use than other alternatives. It actually has ergonomic qualities. Those who clean with microfibre can benefit in the following ways:

1. Cleaning is accomplished with significantly less effort.

2. Because fewer swipes and little effort are required to clean with microfibre, the product provides ergonomic benefits. Those performing the work experience less fatigue and stress and they also suffer fewer injuries.

3. A common type of injury suffered by maintenance and cleaning crews is repetitive strain injury, but using microfibre helps to reduce such occurrences.

Microfibre provides superior results

Microfibre cleaning is more thorough. This better standard of clean prevents the spread of dirt and germs, making microfibre cleaning products a far healthier option. Microfibre does a better job of actually removing dirt during the cleaning process, as opposed to moving it around then leaving behind unwanted chemical residue. This remaining chemical residue is what causes surfaces to get dirty faster which is why it needs to be avoided. Here’s 6 ways microfibre is a healthier and more innovative way to clean:

1. When microfibre is used dry, a magnetic effect is created between the static positive charge created by the cleaning cloth and the negative charge of the dirt and dust. The dirt is pulled into the microfibre and trapped there. During the laundering process, the magnetic charge is broken and the cloth is thoroughly cleaned.

2. When microfibre is used wet, dirt is absorbed by a vacuum action that pulls and holds.

3. Traditional non-microfibre cleaning systems can redeposit bacteria, dust, dirt, and grease because they aren’t made to pull in and capture the unwanted elements. Microfibre has tiny fibres that do a much more thorough job of cleaning.

4. Research has proven that microfibre cloths and microfibre mops are more effective at helping with infection control and achieving excellent cross contamination management outcomes. Microfibre is widely used in healthcare facilities by the vast majority of our clients in this segment for good reason.

5. Used properly with professional chemical cleaners, microfibre removes bacteria and soil without leaving behind contaminants.

6. Microfibre is healthier for the environment because less water and chemical are needed. Sixteen times less cleaning solution is needed for microfibre mops. Water is one of the most valuable resources today, making microfibre an excellent cleaning product that benefits the environment.

The science of microfibre is proven to provide a superior cleaning system. It even contributes to water conservation and worker safety. Why use a rag that has no performance qualities when you can use a truly effective cleaning cloth or mop that promotes health and provides environmental solutions, as an added bonus?

Do you have anymore tips or advice for using microfibre to achieve healthier and more hygienic facilities? If you do, please get in touch, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Our customer care team is always ready to help with any of your microfibre cleaning product questions or enquiries during business hours. The number to call is 1300 123 499, or check out XO2's microfibre cleaning products online.

Happy microfibre cleaning!

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