XO2's Top Tips for Removing Carpet Stains

We all know the carpet stain struggle. Your dog ran through the house with muddy paws. You tracked in dirt on the bottom of your shoes. Someone spilt bolognese sauce or red wine. Accidents happen and we’re here to help.
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XO2's Top Tips for Removing Carpet Stains

We all know the carpet stain struggle. Your dog ran through the house with muddy paws. You tracked in dirt on the bottom of your shoes. Someone spilt bolognese sauce or red wine. Your child decided it would be fun to try watercolours on the carpet. Maybe an employee has spilt their lunch on the office floor. Or the painters made a mess. And there are times when the carpet in your building is just due for a little bit of TLC.

Accidents happen and we’re here to help. Here are our top tips for removing carpet stains at home or in your facility without professional carpet cleaning equipment.


Step 1: Choose the right carpet stain remover

Sounds simple right?

But there are lots of carpet stain removers that promise the world. How do you find what will work?

One product won't do it all. The secret is to understand different types of chemistry remove different types of stains. A good quality all purpose carpet stain remover might remove most stains but it won't remove all.

Although you may not necessarily know what caused the stain, looking at its colour, appearance, feel and odour can help you narrow down a few options. This will give you a hint as to what to try first.

The following advice is not for professionals. Professionals have the equipment to extract soils and residues from carpets and upholstery. That means they can use different types of stain removers.


In this article, we only suggest carpet stain removal products and methods that do NOT require professional equipment or rinsing.

a. All-Purpose: Houdini

Designed to remove a wide range of stains from all types of carpet, curtains and upholstery, including wool, our Houdini Stain Remover is hypoallergenic, quick drying, and fibre safe. With no rinsing required, it is one of the fastest and easiest solutions for removing carpet stains. Choose from the 750ml or 5L sizes, or try our all new heavy duty Houdini Carpet Wipes for even easier use. Designed with a fresh fragrance, each tub contains 80 wipes for plenty of use.

b. Dark, Paint, Wax & Sticky Stains: Dry Safe

For stains involving residues like oil, paint, wax, glue, shoe polish, lipstick, chewing gum, grease, adhesive, pen & ink, blu-tack and crayon, our Dry Safe solvent stain remover is the best bet. Ultra-safe for all kinds of fibres, it is also super-fast drying and works excellent for touch-up spotting. Choose from 500ml or 5L sizes, and double its use for pre-treatment on your upholstery for added benefits.

c. Colour & Dye Stains: Wizz King

Ideal for stains caused by red wine, coffee, urine, fruit juice, vomit, cordials, energy drinks, soft drinks, tea, dyes, sauces, blood and medicines, our specially formulated Wizz King colour and stain remover comes in a convenient 500ml size with a spray trigger for easy application. It is safe for use on colourfast fabrics and carpets and is fibre safe on both synthetic and natural fibres.

d. Browning & Watermarks: Browning & Watermark Remover

When dealing with brown discolouration, watermarks and flood damage, our aptly-named Browning & Watermark Remover is an excellent solution. Powerful and self-neutralising, choose from our 500ml and 5L options for all your carpet and upholstery needs. This cleaning product is also fast, easy to use, low odour and fibre safe, making it a favourite for businesses and individuals.


Sure, there's wee on the carpet....Ohhhh, but look how cute he is!

Step 2: Remove the Stain

a. Test

Before you pour out a large portion of the carpet stain remover in the middle of your floor, we recommend testing it on a small, inconspicuous area to make sure the product does not have an unintended effect on the carpet.

b. Remove

Before you begin on the rest of the carpet, be sure to remove debris or excess stain deposits from the surface. The longer stains are left to sit, the more difficult they become to remove later on.

c. Apply

Apply the appropriate carpet stain remover product to a clean cloth, then gently apply and blot it onto the fibre or stain. Be sure not to over-wet it, and then agitate the stain gently.

d. Leave

Leave the product on for a few seconds, or for more stubborn stains, allow 2 to 5 minutes of sit time.

e. Blog

Blot away starting from the outside, working your way in. Use a disposable wipe, clean white towel or extract the moisture with a machine.

f. Repeat 

Repeat or adjust this process if necessary.


Step 3: Contact Us

Stain still won't come out?

We have a few more carpet stain remover tricks up our sleeve but keep in mind that it is possible the carpet has been permanently damaged, and repair or replacement may be recommended.

Feel free to call us on 1300 123 499 for further assistance and we’d be happy to help! 

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