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At XO2, we take window cleaning to the next level. Our window cleaning equipment supplies store has been open since 1968! This range is designed for professionals (and it's popular for serious DIYers too). Our premium products are all about doing the job faster and more efficiently - streak-free and no stains. You'll find everything you need right here including kits, squeegees, washers, brushes, cloths, buckets, soaps, chemicals, extension poles and great advice.

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Professional window cleaning tool startup checklist:
• 35cm window washer and swivel handle
• 35cm window squeegee and swivel handle
• 2.4Mt 2 section extension pole
• Window cleaning bucket
• Bottle of window washing detergent
• Window scraper
• Microfibre cloth
• Bucket

You can start to clean windows successfully with a basic window cleaning equipment kit like the one above. As you become more experienced you may want to add to your kit. Other window cleaning products you may want in your kit include...
• Towelling rags
• Cobweb brushes
• Larger and smaller window squeegees
• Stain removal chemicals
• Window track cleaning brush
• Holsters / tool belt
• Waterfed pole system
• White scourers and...
• Other specialty chemicals.

For fast streak-free cleaning of outside windows most professional window cleaners use a high quality window squeegee and washer. For high and difficult to reach windows, waterfed poles connected to water filtration systems are growing in popularity.

Cleaning glass like a pro is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Solution
Make a window cleaning solution by adding a small amount of Squeegee Wash window washing detergent concentrate to a window cleaning bucket half filled with water. The solution should just feel a little slippery to touch.

2. Scrub
First dip the window washer into the window bucket solution then squeeze out the excess liquid so the washer won’t drip. Wash the window with a circular motion. Ensure you do not over wet the window. Try to keep the frames as dry as possible, this makes the whole job easier. Before you use a washer for the first time it’s best to machine wash it first.

3. Squeegee
Start by creating a dry zone. You do this by cutting the edge. That means creating a thin dry border down the left frame and across the top frame. Place the dry window squeegee on the dry cut edge then squeegee across with very little pressure keeping the angle of the squeegee consistent. Dry the squeegee before placing it again on the glass.

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