Clean Windows Like A Professional With These 7 Essentials Items

Cleaning windows can be frustrating. The streaks, smears, marks and drips can drive you crazy. It’s work that’s often slow and tedious too. Surely there is an easier way?
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Clean Windows Like A Professional With These 7 Essentials Items

Cleaning windows can be frustrating. The streaks, smears, marks and drips can drive you crazy. It’s work that’s often slow and tedious too. There’s big windows, small windows, difficult to get to windows and everything in between. Surely there is an easier way?

The difference between cleaning windows like an amateur and a professional is actually very small. With the right window cleaning equipment and a little technique you can have perfectly streak free glass in a fraction of the time. Next time you see a good professional window cleaner at work just stop for a couple of minutes and watch. You’ll see how quick and simple window cleaning can be if you have a few essential items and know how to use them. So what do you need?

All you need to clean like a true professional is 7 essential items. They are...

1. 35cm Window Washer with Swivel Handle

2. 40cm Window Squeegee with Swivel Handle

3. 2.4m 2-Section Extension Pole

4. Window Cleaning Bucket

5. Bottle of Window Washing Detergent Concentrate

6. Window Scraper

7. Microfibre Cloth

If you’re cleaning your own home or shop that’s pretty much all you’ll ever need. If you’re cleaning windows professionally you may need to expand your window cleaning kit as different kinds of work come your way. For example:

• Longer poles or squeegees if you are doing commercial work or exterior domestic work.

• Small squeegees for small internal windows.

• Window cleaning products such as cobweb brushes, exterior cleaning tools, specialty cleaning chemicals, scrim and rags.

Handy Hint

If you’re a rookie, it is very important that you read our article on how to safely use a scraper on glass. It’s easy to damage glass with bad scraper technique but with some simple steps you can avoid all that pain.

Cleaning glass is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Solution

Make a window cleaning solution by adding a small amount of Squeegee Wash window washing detergent concentrate to a window cleaning bucket half filled with water. The solution should just feel a little slippery to touch.

2. Scrub

First dip the window washer into the window bucket solution then squeeze out the excess liquid so the washer won’t drip. Wash the window with a circular motion. Ensure you do not over wet the window. Try to keep the frames as dry as possible, this makes the whole job easier. Before you use a washer for the first time it’s best to machine wash it first.

3. Squeegee

Start by creating a dry zone. You do this by cutting the edge. That means creating a thin dry border down the left frame and across the top frame. Place the dry window squeegee on the dry cut edge then squeegee across with very little pressure keeping the angle of the squeegee consistent. Dry the squeegee before placing it again on the glass.

These 7 essential window cleaning items and a little technique will have you cleaning windows like a pro in no time. Give it a go today. We’d love to hear how you go. And if you have any tips for people starting out in window cleaning please let us know. We are always learning and appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

If you’re looking for training or advice on cleaning windows faster and without streaks, give our team a call today on 1300 123 499, or visit XO2's window cleaning equipment online.

Happy streak free window cleaning to all!

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