How To Wash Or Scrub Glass Windows

Washing or scrubbing the glass is one of the best ways to prep it for a complete squeegee clean. Cleaning dirty glass quickly and without streaks is easier than you might think. Here's how to do it.
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How To Wash Or Scrub Glass Windows

Washing or scrubbing the glass is one of the best ways to prep it for a complete squeegee clean. Cleaning dirty glass quickly and without streaks is easier than you might think. So how do you wash and prep glass with a window washer ready for faster streak-free squeegeeing?

What you will need

• 1 x Window washer and swivel handle

• 1 x Extension pole

• 1 x Window cleaning bucket

• 1 x Bottle of window washing detergent

• 1 x Window scraper

• 1 x Microfibre cloth

The detergent

We prefer using a professional window-washing detergent like ‘Squeegee Wash’. It removes dirt, grime, grease, and provides a smooth surface for the squeegee to glide on. The detergent is safe to use and very cost-effective because you only need half a tablespoon on a half-filled window cleaning bucket.

The key is to not use too much detergent. One small squirt mixed in half a bucket of water is enough. You don’t want lots of foam. If you get lots of suds and bubbles you’ve either used too much detergent or the product is not designed specifically as a window washing detergent. Another thing you need to keep in mind is to fill the bucket with water first and then add the cleaning solution.

Excess detergent can cause streaks, bleeding from the frames, and faster dirt accumulation of the windows you have cleaned. The glass surface stays clean longer when the right amount of detergent is used.

Handy Hint

• Be well informed about the detergent you use.

Choosing the tools

If you only have a couple of windows to clean, you can just rinse your washer under a tap and add a drip of detergent directly on it. This saves the time of filling, emptying, and cleaning a bucket. Professional cleaners, however, use a bucket most of the time. The benefit of buckets is that your washer can be held (by clips, a shelf, or a moulded holder) above the waterline. Some people like this, others don’t. It’s your choice.

You can wash a window with a sponge, rag, or brush. Professionals prefer to use a window washer, also called a strip washer, scrubber or window washing wand. It is widely regarded as the most efficient tool for washing dirty or smeared windows.

Washing windows takes up half of the total cleaning time, so you need to have the tools that will make your job quicker. That’s why most professionals use a washer with a swivel handle which helps you get into tighter corners, reach more difficult angles, and helps you clean the glass faster, especially with an extension pole.

Handy Hints

• Use a window washer with a swivel handle. Using a small extension pole with your swivel washer, even on a window surface well within reach, can dramatically improve your productivity, and save your back.

• All window washers should be washed before you use them. This removes any lint accumulated.

How to wash the glass

Now that your cleaning solution and tools are ready to go, it’s time to start washing those windows:

1. Dip your washer into your bucket, then squeeze off the excess water with your hand or the special bucket fitting (if you have one).

2. Wash the borders of the window without touching the frame if you can. Ensure that you do not miss the corners of the frame. Remember, a wet frame can cause streaks on the glass when you squeegee. Wash the remaining area of the window by scrubbing in a circular motion. Use enough cleaning solution so that the window remains wet until you have squeegeed it.

Handy tips for washing the glass

1. Develop a pattern

Cleaning in circular motions is the most popular pattern used by professionals. If you are more comfortable with a different pattern that is working for you, go for it.

2. Always try to wash cool, shaded glass

When you have to wash warm glass or glass that is in direct sunlight, you will need to use more washing solution and clean faster so that the solution does not dry. 

3. Squeeze water out of the washer to prevent dripping

When washing windows indoors, try to squeeze as much of the water out of the washer back into the bucket to prevent dripping on the floor. Remember that the indoor window is not as dirty, so it will require less solution to clean it.

Mistakes to avoid

Avoid using anything too abrasive like a green scourer or stainless steel scourer. These types of items can scratch the glass.

Have you got any more tips to add? Get in touch with your ideas and experiences. We’re always on the lookout for faster, better ways to clean windows.

Feel free to call our customer care team on 1300 123 499, if you require any help or advice on window cleaning equipment or technique. For more information, you can also check out XO2's window washers, squeegees and kits online.

Happy window washing!

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