8 Simple Steps To Clean Windows Like A Professional

Cleaning windows like a professional with fast streak free results can easier than you think. You can clean windows successfully with just a basic window cleaning equipment kit. Here's the 8 steps to success.
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8 Simple Steps To Clean Windows Like A Professional

Cleaning glass can be time consuming, frustrating and the results can sometimes be hit and miss.

Those who can clean glass quickly without spots or streaks left behind enjoy better productivity rates and profits. In this guide you’ll learn the essential tips to cleaning glass perfectly the first time and fast.

Cleaning windows like a professional with fast streak free results can be easier than you think. You can clean windows successfully with just a basic window cleaning equipment kit.

What you need to clean windows like a pro.

1 x 35cm window washer and swivel handle

1 x 35cm window squeegee and swivel handle

1 x 1.2m 2-section extension pole

1 x Window cleaning bucket

1 x Bottle of window washing detergent concentrate

1 x Window scraper

1 x Microfibre cloth

You can start to clean windows successfully with a basic window cleaning equipment kit like the one above. As you become more experienced and your work becomes more varied and frequent, you will need to think about adding more equipment to your kit. 

Expanding the basic window cleaning kit

More equipment can be added to this basic kit when you take on projects that involve cleaning different kinds of windows. The additional items could include:

• Longer extension poles

• Larger squeegees for commercial work

• Smaller squeegees for smaller windows and detailing

• Different size tools for larger or smaller jobs

The number of items in your window cleaning kit depends on whether you are engaged in commercial work, or just cleaning the windows in your home.

Other window cleaning products you may want to include in your kit are:

• Towelling rags

Cobweb brushes

Hard water stain remover for glass

• Window track cleaning brushes

• Holsters / tool belt

• Waterfed pole system

• White scourers

• Other specialty chemicals

8 simple steps to clean windows like a true professional

There are different techniques for cleaning windows. Our training team have listed the fastest, easiest 8 steps that will get you amazing results almost immediately. Here they are:

Step 1.

Get your gear (window cleaning kit) ready.

Step 2.

Half fill a window bucket with water. Add just enough detergent to make the solution feel a bit slippery.

Step 3.

Wash the window in a circular motion but don't use too much liquid. Wring the window washer out, over the bucket by hand, before washing the window to minimise drips. Drips and excess liquid can make a mess that will slow you down because you'll have to clean up before moving to the next window.

Step 4.

Dry with a cloth or squeegee around the frame of the window to create a dry border. Professionals call this cutting the edge to create a dry zone.

Step 5.

Place your dry window squeegee blade on the dry glass starting on the top left hand corner of the glass (if you are right handed). Now move the squeegee from left to right (if you are right handed), keeping a consistent base angle and the leading edge slightly forward.

Step 6.

Dry the squeegee blade and repeat the last step moving from the top of the window to the bottom with slightly overlapping passes.

Step 7.

Wipe and dry any excess moisture from the frame. Add the finishing touches with a suitable dry microfibre cloth.

Step 8.

Stand back and admire your beautiful work.

The 7 secrets of window cleaning squeegee speed and results

1. Wet the glass with an appropriate amount of water. Don’t overdo it.

2. Cut the edge to create a dry zone (always start the squeegee on a dry area of glass).

3. Keep a consistent base angle: distance of squeegee handle to the glass.

4. Don’t use too much pressure (less pressure is better).

5. Dry the squeegee rubber with a towelling rag after each stroke.

6. Replace your squeegee rubbers often (every 4-6 hours of continual use).

7. Don't try to clean exterior windows when they are in direct sunlight. It is more difficult to get a professional result.

Practice like a professional

Here are some things you can do to become a pro cleaner:

• Wash the glass and squeegee from left to right. As you move the squeegee across the glass, change its base distance to the glass. On the next stroke, keep the base distance consistent. This reduces streaking.

• Now squeegee across using different amounts of pressure. First squeegee across with normal pressure, then squeegee with half pressure, then squeegee with half pressure again. Observe what works better. And remember to wipe the edges.

Self-test your window cleaning knowledge

Are you a pro cleaner? Test your knowledge with these questions:

• Why is the base distance of the window squeegee so important?

• What is the right amount of pressure to use with a squeegee?

• Is creating a dry zone and squeegeeing from dry to wet essential?

Additional tips

• If you’re cleaning glass that is warm, you will need more water.

• When cleaning glass indoors, use as little water as possible. This will minimise drips.

• All window washers should be washed before usage to remove any lint.

• If required, scrape glass before cleaning. Always use new scraper blades and only ever scrape in a forward direction on wet glass.

• How do you clean your windows? Let’s us know if you have any tips or tricks that help you get better results faster on glass.

If you’re looking for advice or help with window cleaning for your facility, give the XO2 team a call today on 1300 123 499 or check out XO2's full range of window cleaning equipment online.

Have a great day.

“If our eyes are the windows to our soul, our windows may well be the eyes into the cleanliness and hygiene of our facility.”

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